American Horror Story: Season finale revealed

Spoilers ahead

The final episode of the eighth season of American Horror Story : Apocalypse premiered today after many crossovers, the story intertwined in complex form and left its fans at the edge of their seats.

The biggest twist of the episode was when Michael Langdon – the Antichrist is finally defeated and it was done in the most epic way possible. But the success is loaded with many heartbreaking sacrifices. The futuristic post-apocalypse universe had an inter-seasonal conclusion took everyone to a roller coaster ride and had many callbacks to previous seasons.

Knowing that Michael’s power is unstoppable, Coven witch Mallory, lets him do what he is doing – destroy the world. She time travels to reverse everything from the beginning. After sacrifices by her witch sisters, Madison and Cordelia keep the spell alive enough for Mallory to go back. She travels back to the time when Michale Langdon is a young boy and living under the care of his grandmother, Constance Langdon. Killing him in the year 2015, years ahead of the armageddon universe, AMlory runs him over in the street, so that his timeline of destructions is stopped to reverse what is happening in the future. As Michael dies in his grandmother’s arms, he is denied his death wish: to die in the Murder House but she tells him “to go to hell” instead.

As everything seems good, Mallory goes to Miss Robichaux’s to start the next phase of her life. Characters such as Zoe and Queenie, are alive having never suffered their brutal fates at the hands of Michael. Mallory also brings back Nan and Misty Day. However, she leaves Madison to hang out in hell little while longer. “The battle between good and evil never ends,” Mallory said. “The devil isn’t just going to give up and in changing the past a part of me will always wonder what it means for the future.” Her prophetical words has consequences it seems as before the episode ends, we see a new Antichrist, with Timothy and Emily’s son, born just a few years later.

The American Horror Story has already been renewed for two more seasons, which means the eerie series isn’t going anywhere. But as this season proves, anything can happen when it returns in 2019.