Amala Paul comes out in support of Leena Manimekalai with her own #MeToo story

Actress Amala Paul, who is known for films like Mynaa and VIP, has issued a statement supporting writer Leena Manimekalai, who accused director Susi Ganesan of sexual harassment.

Leena claimed that years ago Susi Ganesan offered her a ride back from a TV studio and on their way, he forced her to come to his apartment. Leena allegedly defended herself with a pocket knife that she carried and escaped from the director.

The director has denied the allegations completely and has said that he is going to file a defamation case against the writer.

Amala Paul put out her statement on Twitter. Calling Susi Ganesan “a man who has a twisted set of moral values and utterly low respect for women”, Amala said that she could very well imagine the director misbehaving with Leena. Amala went on to detail her experience of working with Susi Ganesan in Thiruttu Payale 2. Calling it a “mentally fatiguing experience”, Amala said that despite being the leading actor for the film, she was subjected to “double meaning talks, misrepresented offers, and unchivalrous bodily contacts.”

The actor went on to applaud Leena for taking on Susi Ganesan on a public platform and added that with the increase in the number of women in the workforce, such incidents were becoming more and more common in all industries. She also said that men like Susi Ganesan had different standards for the women in their family and those who worked with them. Amala did not forget to add that sexual harassment should be curbed in the service and unorganised sectors, too.


She further urged the judiciary and the government to come up with a system to address the issue.