Reported by: Benafsha faizi

The girl calls herself the husband of city

Haniya beautiful with black and long hair and an accent from north of Afghanistan, most often she wears neckties and t-shirts from north people of Afghanistan. Haniya, with her special charisma, has gone beyond the predetermined cadres for girls in traditional societies like Afghanistan. She behaves and speaks against all traditional beliefs and Gender stereotypes.

Haniya from Mazar-e-Shrif province of Afghanistan at 18 ages lives in German. She calls herself the husband of city through the videos in social Medias.

The girl call herself the husband of city

In interview with BBC she said about the reason that she call herself husband of the city.

“I always hear that they say that the girl cannot read the song, the girl cannot listen to the dumbbell, the girl cannot wear pantyhose, the girl cannot ride a bike, the girl cannot do that, and she cannot do it. What she likes to do, just because she is a girl? I do not know what that is! I do it and I don’t care about anything”

She believes that girls and boys have same rights. She says that she does this to convey this message fro other girls that they can do what they want. At first her family were against of her, but now they realized that her attitude is not negative.

With a small search on social networks, you can find many of the characters in this group.