Ad by Tanishq shows inter-faith couple, Twitter screams ‘love jihad’.

Muslim mother-in-law accompanying the Hindu Daughter-in-law to witness the ritual proceedings

Image source – Indian

Right-wing supporters on Twitter went berserk over a Tanishq ad showcasing a Hindu woman as a daughter-in-law Muslim household.

Written by Nishtha Narayan

To  promote its Ekatvam campaign, Tanishq showed an ad that featured a Muslim household performing a Hindu ritual to impress their pregnant Hindu daughter-in-law. Soon after its release, it was heavily slammed by the right wing supporters on twitter by calling the ad an attempt to promote love jihad. As per the Right wing partisans the ad hurt their religious sentiments. It was seen as threat towards to the Hindu religion.


The uproar led to the #Boycott Tanishq trending on Twitter. Few hours after the uproar, Tanishq withdrew the ad. Twitter was flooded with questions like why it is always the Hindu woman shown married in a Muslim household and not the other way around. Actress Kangana Ranaut also climbed the band wagon of the haters by calling the ad as manifestation of Love jihad and sexist.

Many Twitteratis also associated the ad with the recent murder case in which a girl named Nikita Tomar was shot dead by a Muslim man over her refusal of not accepting his marriage proposal. The jewelry brand was accused for glorifying ‘love jihad’. Tanishq Ekatvam campaign’s objective was  to celebrate the inter-faith marriages as a secularist move. However the ad became a prey for radicals disseminating hate and communal feelings towards a particular community.

The ad was also praised by many netizens including politicians like Shashi Tharoor. Tanishq was also backed by the advertising bodies such as AAAI and ASCI.

Besides withdrawing the ad,  Tanishq also posted an apology and the idea behind the ad on its twitter handle. However it was not accepted well by the social media users.