Covid-19: 50% Of Adult Population Had at Least 1 Vaccination Dose

India to rollout Covid vaccine

The Health ministry Of India has sighted the possibility of 60% of inoculation by the end of December 2021.

Shristy Raj, 27th August, 2021

In what is called as India’s largest drive for vaccination fifty percent of Indian adult population have received their first dose of covid vaccination and the government is planning to inoculate sixty percent of the total population by the end of this year. 

Health Minister, Manshuk Mandaviya in his tweet mentions  “ India achieves unprecedented milestone”. 

As of 27th August the total number of vaccines being administered stands at 31.3 crore in 67 days from when it was launched on 27th June, 2021. Whereas vaccine dose administered in lat 24 hours is 79,48,439.

50%O by Shristy Raj

India would be required to administer 10.9 million doses to achieve the goal of getting 60% of the population fully vaccinated.

India recorded 44658 new cases and 496 deaths as of 27th august. The overall caseload of India stands at 3.36 crore with total fatalities at 4.36 Lakhs.