2018 Word of the Year is ‘Single-use’

Single-use is the 2018 word-of-the-year

Reflecting its concern toward plastic bags usage, Collins dictionary announces the word-of-the-year.

The word ‘single-use’ literally means something that is made to be used once only. However, it also indicates society’s excesses, especially plastic.

‘Single-use’ has come to be used frequently as more and more people are getting aware of the hazards caused by one-time plastics usage. There has been a four-fold rise in its use over five years.

News stories and documentaries, including BBC’s Blue Planet II, led to the increased public awareness of the word and the issue it surrounds.

Every year lexicographers at Collins create a list of new words that create a trend around the globe in the year. According to the head of language content at Collins, Helen Newstead, 2018 has been the year “where awareness and often anger over a variety of issues” led to formulation of new words.

Previously, Collins word-of-the-year have been geek (2013), photobomb (2014), binge-watch (2015), Brexit (2016) and fake news (2017).