October 2017

Bollywood Snipets

First story on Manoj Bajpayee playing a middle class father in his forthcoming film Rukh. Second story on Richa Chada talking about road tripping with Kalki Koechlin and building a varied portfolio of roles.

The Catalonian Flag explained

There are two different Catalan flags. One with four red stripes on a yellow background is the Senyera and the one with an added star, which is normally white on a blue background, is the…

History of the Catalonian referendums

Decades of separatist tensions have come to a head, with increasing support for the pro-independence cause. Till date, there have been three independent referendums Flow Light Infogram

Catalonia – An Introduction

Catalonia is home to 7.5 million citizens and has its own regional government, the Generalitat. It also has its own language, Catalonia, cultural traditions and the country’s second-biggest city, Barcelona. But it pays tax to…

Rally for Rivers: What next?

The vote campaign for Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s ‘Rally for Rivers’ came to a close on October 2. The campaigns aims to get 30 crore votes by the end of this month. This article discusses the proposed draft for river revitalization and the response it received from the scientific community.

Recap makes banks healthier: Arun Jaitley

What exactly is Non-Performing Asset? A nonperforming asset is a debt obligation where the borrower has not paid any previously agreed upon interest and principal repayments to the designated lender for an extended period of time….