13 Million PUBG accounts banned in the last 69 weeks

Chennai: According to the Korean gaming studio Bluehole’s weekly reports, as pointed out by redditor sjk045, 13 million Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds accounts have been banned since the middle of 2017.

Gripes of cheating from the community are routine. Many PUBG players claim that Bluehole does not do enough when it comes to banning cheaters but reports point to heavy handed permanent banning of accounts that were found cheating. Week 42 of the bans saw over a million accounts being banned.

Source: reddit

A steady stream of over 100,000 bans a week continued over the next six months. Numbers dipped below 100,000 for the first time in almost a year only last week.

While cheating may still be a problem, Bluehole seems to be doing as much as they can to curb unfair play within the community.