Mustafa Kazemi’s 11th death Anniversary marked In Kabul

By Benafsha Faizi

Mustafa Kazemi’s 11th death Anniversary marked In Kabul

A memorial ceremony was held in Kabul to commemorate the 11th death anniversary of victims of a deadly suicide attack in Baghlan province which killed nearly 80 people including five MPs and Sayed Mustafa Kazemi, the then head of Parliament’s Economic Commission.

Kazemi’s family is still angry about the incident and accuse government of not having properly investigated that attack and others.


According Qodratullah Zaki another parliament member, So far none of these cases are investigated by officials, neither have they had time nor the capacity to examine these cases and disclose the identities.

Kazemi – who along with at least 78 others, including schoolchildren, was killed in a suicide bombing during the inauguration of a sugar factory in northern Baghlan in 2007.

Kazemi had been present at the Bonn Conference after the fall of the Taliban and was one of the signatories of the Bonn agreement.